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The Beaches

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When you live in a house on or near a beach, it’s like every new day is a new vacation. Every morning when you wake up, you get to step outside your door to the vast expanse of ocean yawning out before you as far as the eye can see, the waves whispering, “Good Morning.”

Not only is the scenery a breath of salty, ocean air, but the beaches themselves hold a myriad of activities for you and your family to enjoy on the weekends: Surfing, jet-skiing, sandcastle-building, cloud-watching, seashell-finding and more. Tampa is home to some of the best beaches in the United States, so it’s just a matter of choosing which beach is right for you.

Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto Beach is covered in soft, white sand and blue-green ocean water that disappear into the skyline. You almost can’t tell where the water starts and the sky begins. A barrier island, Fort De Soto Park is a little over 1,100 acres.

Besides sunbathing, you can also enjoy Fort De Soto’s historic fort, two fishing piers, cycling trail and campsites on the bay.

Clearwater beach Real Estate

Clearwater Beach’s emerald ocean waters graze against the shoreline, mere feet from two straight lines of parasols – the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon. Sunbathing, swimming and playing volleyball are just a few activities you can enjoy on this beach.

Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island State Park is another relaxing three-mile-long beach in Florida that can help your worries sail away. This beach, located on Florida’s west coast, is only accessible via ferry or boat ride, so you can hide from your everyday troubles and stresses on the secluded island.

Caladesi is an excellent place to comb the beach for seashells, bird watch, go sailing and walk along the nature trail.

Davis Island Dog Beach

Davis Island Dog Beach is a beach that’s fun for the whole family – including your fur-babies! Not only will you have fun in the sun, splashing around or soaking in a tan, but our pets can enjoy an afternoon of doggy paddling, playing fetch and chasing new friends around on the shoreline.

And don’t worry about sand sticking to your pup’s fur: There are water stations that help you wash your pet off before taking them back into the car.

Clearwater Real ​Estate

These beaches and the neighborhoods surrounding them are premium locations for new homeowners. Lots of people are looking to move here and, thankfully, there are many bayside houses for sale. Beachfront homes can go for anywhere from $120,000 to over $1,000,000.

It’s best to work with a real estate agent who knows Florida beaches to find the best beach, the best house and the best price that can meet all your unique needs. Call Brittany Turner today to find your perfect house on or near the beach.

Call her at the number in the sidebar during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. You can also email her any time of day at brittany(at)townchase(dotted)com. Paradise is waiting.