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5 Reasons To Own a Waterfront Property

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Are you looking for your next real estate venture? How about a nice waterfront property? We’ve listed down a couple of reasons why buying a waterfront residence should be your next home.

  1. Waterfront properties are prized and sought after.

    If you’re thinking of long-term reasons, buying a waterfront property is a sound investment decision. Generally speaking, waterfront real estate are usually worth double the value of most homes in the United States. In real estate, location often puts a premium on properties, and waterfront homes are at the top of the pyramid. You’re not only buying the actual house– you’re also paying for the views that comes with it and its location.

    And since location is everything, the demand for waterfront properties is high. This demand also drives up the prices of waterfront homes, which is good for you if you’re thinking of building equity and eventually selling the property when the time is right.

  2. Living near a body of water has great effects to one’s well-being.

    Although most of the studies regarding the matter have focused their research on oceanfront living, it’s become widely accepted that living near a body of water (be it the sea, a lake, or a river) can improve one’s overall well-being.

    Aside from getting to breathe fresh air every single day, bodies of water tend to give off a soothing and relaxing effect. And as we live in an increasingly tiresome world, stress reduction and self-care is a must. Additionally, living in a waterfront location also encourages physical activity. You won’t only be taking care of your emotional and mental health– you’ll also likely burn some calories as well.

  3. The resale value of waterfront properties is relatively stable.

    Regardless of the current economic conditions or environment-related changes, in a historical sense, the resale value of waterfront properties don’t tend to suffer much. They keep their value, which is another reason why waterfront properties make for excellent investment in real estate.

  4. It can be the source of passive income.

    If you’re not planning on living permanently in the waterfront home, you have the option to play landlord and turn it into a vacation rental. Although you’ll still be spending on regular maintenance and upkeep, at least the property is generating income, especially if the location you’ve chosen is quite popular or has been labeled as a tourist destination.

  5. Living in a waterfront home feels like you’re on a (very) long vacation.

    You’ll get to have access to the water every single day, unless the weather isn’t cooperating. Endless water activities such as boating, fishing, wake-boarding, and diving (especially if the location is known for this) are all easily within reach. If you ask us, living in a waterfront location is far more desirable than being stuck in a suburban neighborhood. Living waterfront is the very definition of a sweet life. What are you waiting for?

Florida is filled to the brim with waterfront properties, from upscale condos to beachfront residences and estates. If you’d like to learn more about your prospects in the Tampa Bay area, get in touch with us at Poppleton Properties today at (813) 833-2520 or brittany(at)townchase(dotted)com.