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10 flowers that bloom in Florida winters

flowers for your tampa bay home

Begonias and sweet alyssums are excellent winter flowers for your Tampa Bay home.

One of the best things about living in the balmy Florida Gulf Coast is the region’s mild winters. This means homeowners can grow plants that blossom even during the frostier months of the year.

Keep your Tampa Bay gardens fresh and colorful all year round with these winter blooms:

  1. Corsican Pansy (Viola corsica)

    A popular and often hard-to-find perennial wildflower, the Corsican pansy features bluish-purple flowers with faint streaks of white. The blooms are held high above the foliage on hardy stems, making them a guaranteed eyecatcher in your garden.

  2. Rieger Begonia (Begonia x hiemalis)

    This winter begonia boasts warm-looking blooms with fiery red-and-yellow or creamy white petals. You can grow this plant all throughout the year by providing bright but indirect light, conservative watering, and regular fertilizing.

  3. Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)

    Sweet alyssums or alisons have small, white flowers that bloom in clusters. These plants are quite short, reaching just six inches tall, so they are ideal as complementary accents for larger flower beds. Alyssums not only bring life to a winter garden, they also fill the air with a sweet, honey-like fragrance.

  4. Firespike (Odontonema strictum)

    This tropical or tender perennial boasts bright red blooms throughout the year. The plant’s size – growing up to four feet tall – makes it a nice, flashy piece in a winter garden. It enjoys being fully exposed to the sun, but can also survive in a partly shaded environment.

  5. Nemesia (Nemesia strumosa)

    An excellent border accent for flower beds and rock gardens, nemesias are dense shrubs that grow from six to 12 inches tall. They stay evergreen in the balmy Florida climate and boast blooms that vary in color, including white and shades of red, yellow, and blue.

  6. Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia (Gloxinia sylvatica)

    The elongated blooms of this shrub come in bold shades of red and orange with a bright yellow center. With spiky dark green leaves framing their showy flowers, gloxinias are guaranteed to turn dull winters festive.

  7. Johnny Jump-up (Viola cornuta)

    An old-fashioned garden favorite, johnny jump-ups grow to 12 inches with charming purple-and-yellow blooms. Keep this winter bloom happy by placing it in a partially shaded portion of your garden; avoid overwatering.

  8. Wild Petunia (Petunia integrifolia)

    Add various shades of purple set against healthy green leaves in your garden. Wild petunias can repeatedly bloom as long as you regularly water and fertilize them, as well as remove dead flower heads.

  9. Zonal geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum)

    Move your garden geraniums indoors when the temperature begins to fall and watch them bloom in their familiar red, pink, and purple hues. These plants don’t mind cool temperatures and only need a steady source of bright light, so keep them by your windowsills.

  10. Ornamental cabbages and kale (Brassica oleracea)

    They may not be the usual flowering plants, but ornamental cabbages and kale are amazing, low-maintenance additions to your winter garden. These vegetables turn from green, to white, to bright purple or pink when temperatures drop.

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